Robert has been performing magic professionally for over 10 years. His blend of street magic and mentalism is unique. With everyday objects and a deck of cards this mystifier will create miracles that will leave you begging for more.


Magic was a passion for Robert at an early age. The secrets hidden between the pages of magic books were an incentive to learn to read. His mother bought his first magic kit at 10 and from that day on magic was in his blood.


Still it took 15 years before he worked up the nerve to perform in public. When he did the reactions were so strong that he was hired to perform at their next event. It seems the many years of practice paid off. Since that first event Robert’s experience is vast. From small family parties to corporate events to local parades to more traditional magic shows.


Robert is currently working on a stage show to bring to local theaters, please check back for more information on seeing him live.